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Best Smart Home Gadgets for the Kitchen Android Central2020

Smart home products have extended to every room of the home, even the kitchen. There are cool gadgets that can help you cook faster, better, more efficiently, and even remotely. And while there’s a ton of cool innovation in terms of smart large appliances, there are also some seriously useful smart small appliances and kitchen gadgets that might make sense for your kitchen. They might not all be “smart” in the traditional sense, but they can help you cook delicious meals at the touch of a button or tap of your phone.

What makes a great smart home kitchen gadget?

There are thousands of kitchen gadgets and cooking tools that always claim to “make life easier,” but not when they’re only for very limited uses. The best kitchen tools are as versatile as a knife and universally useful for all types of cooking methods and cuisine styles. Or, in the case of gadgets like the Google Nest Hub and TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Mini Plus for helping you in the kitchen whether via entertainment, guided instruction, or transforming a boring old kitchen gadget into a smart, remotely-controllable one.

When it comes to gadgets that let me cook more while spending less time in the kitchen, my top pick is the Instant Pot. I love that I can set it to start cooking and come back hours later to a perfectly cooked rack of ribs, a delicious stew or chili, or do some meal planning for the week and cook my meat and veggies in the same pot. It still manages to surprise me with its performance and versatility two years on. Add the Air Fryer lid to the equation, and it has been a breeze to warm up lunch while I work from home or cook a couple of pork chops with a delicious dry rub to perfection.

I haven’t yet totally gotten into sous vide cooking, but given how many people rave about it, and the amazing reviews that products like the Breville Joule Sous Vide get, I’ll probably be investing in one very soon. And the SousVideArt starter kit seems like the perfect package to grab for someone ready to experiment with this type of cooking.

You really can’t go wrong by adding any of these kitchen gadgets to your cooking and kitchen arsenal.

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