Legacy Home Automation vs Smart Home & The DIY Pros

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Here’s an interesting podcast that caught me by surprise.

You see it’s 2 smart home professionals, extolling the virtues of DIY smart home platforms over traditional systems.

What’s the Difference?

I don’t agree with their definition of ‘smart home’ vs ‘home automation’, but I do get their point about online systems being able to update much faster (read this). However they do not mention any of the downside of the Cloud.

But it’s an interesting thesis nonetheless, even more so when you hear their positive reaction to users being able config their own systems, rather than needing to get them back to make the changes (and earn more from their client).


While the hosts Kris Gamble and JJ Canon seem careful not to name any of the ‘legacy’ brands they have dealt with in the past, they did mention Nest as one of their preferred new ones. I found this page on Kris’ website customised.uk.com offering a professionally installed Google Nest Smart Home for £2,200.

Where Does This End Up?

Surely though, as systems get more and more integrated, via the Cloud, and even easier to install and setup, work for them in this lower end of the market will disappear completely?

So then, is this turkeys voting for Christmas, or two smart business men that have spotted a profitable niche for the tech curious without any DIY skills?

Watch episode 63 below or subscribe to The Digital Ramble Podcast.

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