Lenovo Tab M7 Tablet Review: The Kindle killer with Android Go

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The Lenovo Tab M7 features a 2 MP main camera and a 2 MP front-facing camera. Both cameras produce very poor shots. However, the front-facing camera produces somewhat duller colours than the rear camera. The panoramic shots appear blurry, and the finer structures are barely discernible. All in all, the images are very grainy. In the camera settings, users can adjust the ISO, white balance and the exposure. There is also the so-called “Scene mode”.

The main camera takes very blurry photos in low-light environments. Because the images are so grainy, the structures and details are hard to discern. Surfaces and objects in the background also look grainy. Under poor lighting conditions, the image quality becomes even worse. Objects are hard to recognise and the whole image is very noisy. There is also a “beauty mode”, which allows users to apply various colour filters.

The video shot with the main camera offers a similar level of quality as the photos. Motion appears somewhat blurry, but stabilisation works well when the camera is not shaking too much. Video can be recorded in either 480p or 720p. The Lenovo tablet does not offer a high frame-rate mode or anything like that.

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