Lenovo ThinkPad E490 Office Laptop in review: The Radeon GPU is too much for the cooling solution

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The ThinkPad E490 with the dedicated AMD graphics cards offers a noticeable bump in GPU performance, so the business laptop can also handle some light gaming. However, you will have to live with high surface temperatures in return. Up to 60 °C is a lot and shows that the cooling solution is insufficient. The fan is still comparatively quiet, so it seems Lenovo accepts high temperatures in favor of a quieter device. Users should be aware of the temperatures and not rest the device on the lap under load.

More GPU performance, but also higher temperatures: The ThinkPad E490 is a decent choice if you want to play some games after your work is done.

Otherwise, there are the same advantages and disadvantages of the E490 and E495, respectively. The biggest highlight of the ThinkPad is definitely the excellent keyboard, but the display is a bit of a lottery due to different panel suppliers. If you do not want to play games, we recommend you look at the ThinkPad E495 or the new ThinkPad E14 with the iGPU.

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