Lenovo ThinkPad T14 laptop review: Comet Lake update doesn't add much

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Different in name but otherwise the same: The Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 is only a small update of the ThinkPad T490. There are indeed some detail improvements, but overall, the question of whether it makes sense arises.

The ThinkPad T490’s strengths have been adopted but certainly the weaknesses too. This includes the Thunderbolt connection with only two PCIe lanes, the missing full-size SD card slot and the case that is difficult to open. On the strengths side we have the case, input devices, connectivity, display, and warranty. Among the positive changes are the improved speakers and that the fan now runs even more quietly.

In any case, the lower noise level can be seen as an advantage. But you can also consider it to be a negative aspect because the ThinkPad T14 2020 has a heat problem. More than 65 °C (~149 °F) on the bottom in the stress test is far too much (and this for the iGPU model!). A further crucial point is the CPU performance, which has hardly improved and has even become worse to some extent. This raises the question of why one should go for a new Intel ThinkPad at all.

The Lenovo ThinkPad T14 hardly provides any arguments why one should prefer it to its predecessor.

Should one buy the ThinkPad T14 with the Intel Comet Lake CPU? If the AMD model proves to be much faster, the answer is no. Only Thunderbolt 3 and the optionally available 4K UHD display make the Intel model have sense at all. Otherwise the following applies: AMD is probably the better choice this year, since Comet Lake doesn’t give much reason to upgrade apart from Wi-Fi 6.

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