Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2020 Business-Laptop Review: 4K display costs battery runtime

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Lenovo does not offer the matte WQHD panel for the ThinkPad X1 Carbon G8 in all regions, so you have to upgrade from the 1080p to the 4K screen if you want a higher resolution panel. The first impression of the picture quality is very good with rich colors, high contrast, and bright illumination.

However, there are two limitation. First of all, the screen is glossy. This obviously improves the subjective picture impression, but you will be quickly annoyed by the reflections on the screen if you often use the laptop on the road. The biggest problem is the PWM flickering if you do not use the maximum brightness. We detect a very low frequency of just 200 Hz, so some users will most likely have problems (like headaches, for example). This means the panel is hardly suited for longer working sessions and we can only recommend it if you know that you are not sensitive to PWM flickering. Otherwise, you should definitely test the model and check if you notice any problems.

The 4K panel of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon uses PWM at a very low frequency, so it is not a good option for many users. 

The high-resolution panel also affects the battery runtime. All in all, the standard matte 1080p screen is a better fit for a business laptop, even though there is still the issue with Lenovo’s panel lottery (we reported). Otherwise, there are the same advantages/disadvantages we have described in the review of the 1080p model.

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