Mac Pro-inspired wallpaper turns other devices into cheese graters

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cheese grater wall paper The best cheese grater is the one that’s always with you.
Photo: @conath/Twitter via iDownloadblog

Most of us will never own the new Mac Pro, but our lesser Apple devices can still be cheese-grater chic.

Anyone with an iPhone, iPad or a more mortal Mac can now get wallpaper inspired by the futuristic ventilation holes on the Mac Pro unveiled by Apple at last week’s WWDC.

The website iDownloadblog made the wallpaper design, created by Twitter user @conath, available for download. The cheese grater is part of its Wallpapers of the Week collection.

Apple surprised creatives last week with a new pro desktop station that drew mixed impressions.

Some applauded Apple for finally providing professionals a machine that has the power – or at least the space to upgrade it – to handle the demands of film editors, animators and graphics designer, especially in the age of AR.

Others were floored by the price and how little speed and power the base model provides. The computer, monitor and stand run more than $12,000. The price could easily more than double when additional components are added.

Within minutes of appearing on the WWDC stage, the design of the tower imprinted on popular culture, drawing giggles on Twitter for looking like the common kitchen cheese grater.

The ventilation holes and top handles may prove to be perfect examples of form and function. But that didn’t stop a few clever people from running to their kitchen, pulling out a cheese grader and running a cord between it and a Mac monitor to create the perfect picture for social media snark.

The wallpaper comes in different shades depending on how much of the internal layer of ventilation holes you like visible in shadow and lets you pick the size of holes you want populating your screens.
There are also desktop versions in 5K and 4K.

Source: iDownloadblog

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