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Beastie Boys Story 1 You’ve got to fight for your right to Apple TV+.
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Ahead of its debut on Apple TV+ April 24, Apple has dropped the official trailer for Beastie Boys Story, its upcoming feature length documentary on the pioneering American hip hop group.

Beastie Boys Story is directed by Spike Jonze, the music video, feature film and documentary director who first worked with the band on the music video for Sabotage.

Apple previously teased the Beastie Boys Story documentary with a teaser trailer back in January. However, this is its first feature length trailer.

The film is described as a “live documentary experience,” blending “live” interviews with a documentary history of the band. It features both surviving Beastie Boys Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz. The third member of the best-selling hip hop group, Adam Yauch, died in 2012.

Putting the film on Apple TV+ marks something of a change in strategy for Apple. In the past, it has worked on multiple music video documentaries, including ones about some of the biggest acts in hip hop history. But these were made available via Apple Music. Now that Apple TV+ is up and running, it seems that Apple is using Apple TV+ as the platform for its new documentaries. To avoid confusion, that makes a whole lot of sense.

Beastie Boys are coming to Apple TV+

Along with debuting on Apple TV+, Beastie Boys Story will also screen at IMAX theatres starting April 2. This will make it the second Apple feature film to hit theaters after the recent feature film The Banker. You can score tickets to Beastie Boys Story here.

As well as having known the Beastie Boys for years, Spike Jonze has also worked with Apple before. Several years back, he directed an award-winning commercial for Apple’s HomePod smart speaker.

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