Mark debuts AR street graffitti app at the LA Women’s March


Mark is launching a beta version of its Mark app, which is a social augmented reality platform that can be used to highlight street art and graffiti.

The company headed by former iDreamsky founder Jeff Lyndon Ko will be used to create and display street art for the Women’s March LA 2020 taking place today in Los Angeles.

With the app, artists can place works of art in certain locations in a city. Those using the app as a viewer can see the art in those locations, using their smartphone screens.

Mark will be used at the Women's March LA.

Above: Mark will be used at the Women’s March LA to highlight the art of women.

Image Credit: Mark

“This generation is all about voicing its opinion, and Mark is a platform for that. I see Mark as a kind of like an Instagram, which is still on Web 2.0 on the web browser today, but will be really full-blown when AR glasses arrive,” Lyndon Ko said. “It’s already a very magical experience today.”

He said that those who use the app, which can be downloaded on iOS or Android via web site, can make donations via the app and Mark will make donations to the march’s foundation up to $300,000.

Lyndon Ko, CEO of Mark, said the technology was developed by Sybo, the game development studio that made the Subway Surfers mobile game. Anthony Chang is the chief operating officer of Mark.

“They came up with the idea and we start talking about it,” Lyndon Ko said.

Mark uses the Google Cloud anchor tech to create a lasting AR (augmented reality) world, where users can create, discover, interact with, share and revisit street art/graffiti. It’s like Pokemon Go and its augmented reality feature drove people to certain locations for that game.

Above: Mark uses augmented reality to display art.

Image Credit: Mark

Lyndon Ko said the company, which has six employees and raised $3 million last year, is a joint venture between Sybo and iDreamsky teams. iDreamsky has backing from Tencent, while Sybo’s Subway Surfers has had more than 2.5 billion downloads. Lyndon Ko said he hopes to grow the company to about 20 people in both Hong Kong and London.

Mark’s monetization will happen via businesses paying to be “graffiti sites,” or those that welcome people to their locations (to potentially draw in revenue from sales) and raise awareness of the business location as they use the app.

Deutsche Telekom is in early discussions with MARK about working with them.

“Mark is a social platform and AR is a way for people to voice their opinions,” Lyndon Ko said. ”

Mark is one of the sponsors of the Women’s March LA 2020. Emiliana Guereca, president of Women’s March Foundation, said in a statement that she commends the marchers for using their platforms to support women’s rights during an important election year.

The 4th annual Women’s March LA will begin with a rally at 9 a.m. and march at 10 a.m. from Pershing Square to Los Angeles City Hall.

Those using the app will be able to see virtual art created by five renowned female artists from around the world. They include Amy Sol, Sam Kirk, Faith XLVII, Ledania, and Fatma Al-Remaihi.

“We can use it to make people a lot closer at the Women’s March,” Lyndon Ko said. “It makes sense for us to be working with them. As far as AR goes, I think we’re at the very tip of the iceberg now.”

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