Mophie‘s fast-charging powerbanks debut at Apple stores

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The Mophie Powerstation lineup for 2020. The latest Mophie external batteries charge an iPhone at the fastest speed possible.
Photo: Mophie/Zagg

The Apple Store today began offering three external batteries from Mophie. All have Lightning ports, and two include an integrated Lightning cable that provides 18W of power, making fast iPhone recharges on the go a breeze. The top-of the-line new Powerstation model also adds built-in wireless charging.

Latest Mophie Powerstation batteries focus on iPhone

“Following the inclusion of an 18W power adapter with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, we developed these new powerstation batteries using the same power delivery protocol to deliver a fast charge experience through either a USB-C port or integrated Lightning cable,” said Charlie Quong, VP of product, power at Mophie’s parent company Zagg.

The new base-model Mophie Powerstation ($59.95) holds 6,000mAh and has a USB-C port that can transmit 18W. Either this and the built-in Lightning port can receive power to recharge this powerbank. Plus there’s a USB-A port to send power to another device.

The latest Mophie Powerstation Plus ($79.95) has the same features but adds an integrated Lightning cable.

And the updated Mophie Powerstation Plus XL ($99.95) adds wireless charging on top of that. It also increases the storage capacity to 8000mAh.

Apple likes these enough to add them to its online store. And they’re in some brick-and-mortar Apple Stores too.

iPhone 11 users should also read Cult of Mac’s review of the Mophie Juice Pack Access, a case with a built-in battery.

Source: Zagg

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