Moto 360 Gen 3 Review: Great smartwatch with a known shortcoming

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Visually, the high-quality case made from brushed stainless steel has remained almost the same. The slightly rounded edge looks appealing for the thickness of still 11.68 mm (0.46 in; in the area of the optical heart rate sensor it is even 13.28 mm, 0.52 in), but it is unable to hide the size of the watch. Technically, all the new models are the same, and there is no model with mobile communication. 

To charge the Moto 360, a magnetic charging tray is included. While the wearable has a microphone, it still has no speaker. Instead, there are now two keys on the right side, replacing the single key that was there before. The lower key can be individually configured later, and the top key can also be turned as a crown, facilitating scrolling through long lists. 

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