MSI Bravo 17 laptop review: All-AMD gaming machine

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Although the keyboard model is already known from other MSI laptops, the layout requires a certain amount of getting used to. In addition to the <>| key, the # key is also in an unusual position on the German version, which can lead to incorrect entries at the beginning. Additionally, there is a single-line Enter key, which is also suboptimal. The fact that the arrow keys extend into the (rather narrow) number pad and the main field, on the other hand, is seen often.

By the way, MSI forgoes RGB lighting to reduce costs a bit. The keyboard is illuminated in red to match the red labeling. We would describe the typing experience as ranging from decent to good. It feels neither particularly mushy nor particularly hard. The keyboard’s positioning, in particular, is a point of criticism for MSI. Because it’s placed very low, the palm rest only reaches a height of 7.5 cm. Unless you have tiny hands, your palms always lie unpleasantly on the edge or slide downwards off the case completely – an unnecessary design flaw.

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