MSI GE65 Raider 9SF Laptop Review: Huge Improvements Over the GE63

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Take the GE63, cut off a bit from the sides, and you end up with the GE65. MSI’s latest mid-range machine keeps everything we liked about the GE63 while updating some of the aspects that we didn’t like in the process. Namely, the series is now noticeably more compact and travel-friendly than before without running any louder or warmer.

On the other hand, some less desirable features have not improved at all gen-to-gen. Screen brightness, ports, battery life, chassis rigidity, and noise are all pretty much the same as on the GE63. As a result, choosing the GE65 over the GE63 will be largely superficial.

Potential buyers will likely compare the MSI GE65 with the Asus ROG Strix Scar III G531GW since both laptops carry the same Core i9 CPU and RTX 2070 GPU. After having tested both systems, the MSI solution has the edge as it’s easier to service with more storage options, more ports, a better keyboard, an actual webcam, and generally quieter fans during low loads while the Asus system has a stronger chassis design with a brighter screen.

At $2600 USD, our Core i9 configuration can be a big pill to swallow for a mid-range gaming laptop. We recommend going for the Core i7 configuration and then upgrading the storage yourself to save on costs since servicing is so much easier than on the GS65. It’s tough to go back to 60 Hz displays after becoming accustomed to 144 Hz or 240 Hz options.

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