MSI GS66 Stealth 10SFS Laptop Review: Visually subdued, acoustically conspicuous


In addition to the stability of the case, the maintenance options have also improved significantly. Where in the GS65 only the fans, the Wi-Fi chip, and the battery were accessible, in the GS66 you can now also access the storage slots (2x M.2), the RAM slots (2x SO-DIMM), and the cooling system. The latter consists of one fan for the CPU and two fans for the GPU, with some heat pipes going across both components, so the cooling is not completely separated.

However, in order to remove the bottom of the case, a certain amount of skill and force is necessary. After you have removed 9 Philips screws from the bottom of the case, you have to pry it off its moorings with a fine tool such as a spatula, which might deter some non-professionals.

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