MSI GS75 Stealth 10SF Laptop Review: Great Core i7-10875H Performance

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We stress the system with synthetic loads to identify for any potential throttling or stability issues. When running Prime95, clock rates would boost to the 4 to 4.2 GHz range for about 20 seconds until reaching a core temperature of 96 C. Thereafter, clock rates would slowly begin to fall until finally settling at 3.6 GHz and a core temperature of 90 C. Note that these results are with CoolerBoost on.

When running Witcher 3, the CPU and GPU would stabilize at 75 C and 67 C, respectively, with the GPU clock rate running at 1545 MHz. If CoolerBoost is disabled, however, the GPU will fall to 1455 MHz with warmer CPU and GPU temperatures of 83 C and 77 C, respectively. CoolerBoost is therefore more useful for reducing core temperatures rather than increasing system performance.

Running on battery power will limit performance. A Fire Strike run on batteries would result in Physics and Graphics scores of 11321 and 5853 points, respectively, compared to 21858 and 18517 points when on mains.

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