myDOQ Smart Modular Plug Socket System Launches Today

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Today sees the launch of myDOQ, an interesting new product that the makers describe as “the world’s first interchangeable smart modular plug socket system”.

myDOQ powers and charges appliances and devices unlike anything seen before, thanks to its interchangeable front modules that can be simply and quickly swapped. This ground-breaking concept provides flexible and energy efficient solutions for all current and future electrical needs.


The system requires a 35mm back box and the hot-swappable smart modules will sync with Alexa and Google Home via the included myDOQ app which can be used to schedule charging times for example.

myDoq Module Socket System

Two Systems

myDOQ is launching with two smart modular systems…

the wall socket version ideal for homeowners who are able to replace their existing back boxes and a 4-way extension lead perfect for both renters / house sharers and those who prefer even greater flexibility.

There are several modules being launched at this initial phase, Universal US and UK pin modules, 2x retractable charging modules and a wireless charging module with adjustable cradle.

There’s a third option, a non-smart, non-modular double socket with USB in the same style as the rest of the range to easily match in your room.

myDOQ USB Socket

The Indiegogo campaign officially kicked off today and with the 40% early bird discount offers, prices start at £60 for the double in-wall socket with 2 modules of your choice.

Check out the video and the link below for all the details…

myDOQ on Indiegogo

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