New Google Pixel Buds certified by NCC


Google released the Pixel Buds last year, but they had one major limitation – charging was only done over a cable. The new edition is expected to have wireless charging, and the new Buds even appeared at the Wireless Charging Consortium. A second certification appeared, this time at Taiwan’s NCC, meaning they are getting closer to a reveal.

Google Pixel Buds (2020) certification at NCCGoogle Pixel Buds (2020) certification at NCCGoogle Pixel Buds (2020) certification at NCC
Google Pixel Buds (2020) certification at NCC

The NCC certification does not say much about the accessory. We know the G1013 is the code name for the charger case, while G1007 and G1008 are respectively for the left and right earbud.

The Pixel Buds are likely prepared for a launch at Google I/O that will be live-streamed this year.

Expectations are the charger to support 5W charging speeds, which isn’t much for smartphones but should be enough for the earbuds and their comparatively small batteries. Other specs, design or build should be leaking in the following weeks, and we’ll report them once they are out.


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