Nexoc GH5 515IG (Clevo NH50DB): Entry-level gaming laptop offers room for three storage drives

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The system drive is a SATA SSD (M.2 2280) from Samsung that provides 500 GB of storage space. Moreover, the transfer rates of the SSD are alright. The SATA standard allows maximum transfer speeds of 600 MB/s. This means that the SSD installed here lags far behind NVMe models.

The choice of a SATA system drive is surprising, but it’s not a problem here. The GH5 can be configured very individually within the Nexoc online shop. Various NVMe models are available too.

The laptop comes with two M.2 slots (1x NVMe/SATA, 1x NVMe) that accept SSDs in the 2230, 2242, and 2280 formats. If both slots are equipped with NVMe SSDs, these could form a RAID 0 or RAID 1 array if required. In addition, there’s still room for a 2.5-inch storage drive inside the laptop. The mounting frame and SATA slot are available.

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