Nod twice, please: Mobvoi TicPods 2 Pro reviewed

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As with other wireless models, the touch control takes some getting used to. An adaptation phase is needed, but after that, the touch control with the finger on the earbuds works quite well. For example, volume can be controlled very precisely by sliding your finger up and down directly on the earbud. We have already reviewed less cooperative earbuds in this regard. Accepting or rejecting calls by nodding your head, a gesture which Mobvoi has provided under the name “TicMotion”, also works – but not always. However, the detection of whether the TicPods are in the ear works perfectly. For instance, if an earbud is removed while music is playing, playback stops and continues automatically as soon as the earbud is back in the ear. This setting can be changed in the app.

In addition to touch control, it’s also possible to use voice commands, the so-called “TicHear”, to play music (“play music”), go to the next song (“next track”) or stop playback (“pause music”) without using an activation word.

With the magic word “Hey Tico”, the TicPods 2 Pro reliably accept voice commands for Google Assistant at all times, but only English is supported. 

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