nubia Red Magic 5G teardown video reveals beefy cooling system

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The nubia Red Magic 5G is arguably one of the more exciting phones lately, with a one of a kind 144Hz screen and unique thermal design. Well, if you are curious to take a peek inside the hardware, make sure you watch the video down below.

It goes through the whole process of disassembly revealing every small bit about the handset. And there are a couple of key takeaways from the teardown. First off, the handset has one hell of a beefy cooling solution. It consists of an aluminum plate sitting right between the motherboard and the back panel, metal shields covering the back and front of the SoC and copper sheets with coolant and thermal paste on top of the shields on each side. Additionally, there’s a big copper heatsink connected to the cooling fan via a copper heatpipe.

And despite all of this looking a bit too complicated, the phone itself isn’t the hardest to repair. In fact, it’s way easier to take apart than the previous Red Magic 3s and many of the components are replaceable.

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