Office laptop HP 15s-fq1440ng in the test: hardware deceives – potential wasted

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The case consists almost entirely of heat-dissipating aluminum, black plastic is only used on the rather wide display edges. Despite the metal body and the many rounded edges and corners, the HP 15s looks very plain from the outside, if not a bit staid. The HP 15s draws in air via the base plate, and the waste heat produced is passed upwards to the display via slots next to the hinge. The keyboard base stands out in color with its slightly patterned black from the silver tone of the chassis. The keys are recessed a little lower here, the transitions on all sides are realized by gently curved metal, which looks very good.

The display lid is of course not as rigid as the base, which clicks slightly inside on the left when pressed. The display reacts to pressure with slight deformations in the display, the large hinge should be a little more stable for our taste. If you wiggle your laptop, the display soon moves as well, and the hinge also seems to rattle slightly. The edging around the base joins the bottom and the keyboard base, can be easily pushed away and then reveals larger gaps. Overall, the build quality is not great but okay, the aluminum housing in particular makes a good impression. Unfortunately, there is no maintenance hatch, access to the innards is difficult or impossible, more on that later. 

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