OnePlus Buds true wireless headphones review – Budget headset without ANC

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If you’re into powerful basses, the OnePlus Buds with their large audio drivers are the right choice. The sound is also convincing when playing instrumental music and films. At the same time, you shouldn’t have too high expectations regarding voice reproduction or call quality.

You’ll painfully miss the active noise canceling on flights, but you probably can’t expect this feature in the price range of the OnePlus Buds. You also have to do without wireless charging, and even the quick-charging functionality that was rumored in advance is missing too.

The OnePlus Buds are a solid true wireless headset for bass lovers.

The headphones look good and are solidly manufactured; they’re splash-proof and offer decent battery life on par with other true wireless headsets. The charging case is also small enough to not be bothersome in your pocket.

Potential buyers should try out whether the OnePlus Buds fit securely in their ears; headsets with differently sized rubber ear tips are probably a bit more flexible here. Headsets that are fastened behind the ear with a clip also provide more security.

You can get better battery life for the headphones with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (available on Amazon for under 120 Euros (~$141)), which have a similar price for the time being; they also offer wireless charging but lack an IP certification in return. If you expect active noise canceling in this price range, you have little alternatives, but you can take a look at the Honor Magic Earbuds (available on Amazon for under 100 Euros (~$117).

In general, OnePlus offers a not-too-expensive addition to the highly competitive true wireless market, which is especially well-suited for instrumental music, but it isn’t really convincing when it comes to voice quality and singing.

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