Pick up a pair of Qi wireless charging stations [Deals]

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Qi Wireless Fast Charging Duo With this pair of wireless chargers, you can skip the clutter at home and on the go.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

As sophisticated as modern mobile devices are, when it comes to charging they can still be a tangled mess. Wireless charging changes that, allowing clutter-free, fast charging So why not jump at the chance to charge wirelessly at home and on the go?

This double dose of Qi power takes the form of a charging stand and charging pad. So while at home or the office, your Qi-compatible phone can get a boost just by setting it down on the stand. When you hit the road, the portable pad makes wireless charging just as easy anywhere else. Wire-free charging isn’t just more convenient, it prevents the harmful micro-shocks from outlets that can diminish battery life. These wireless chargers add extra safety features, like short circuit and overheating protection. Just make sure your device is actually Qi-compatible.

Buy now: Get a Qi Wireless Fast Charging Duo for $34.99. That’s a full 61% discount.

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