Pro-grade and portable, this strobe brings a studio look to iPhone photos


PiXLIGHT speedlight for photography, including iPhone Sets up in a flash.

A speedlight set up creating a buzz in the photography community for its portability syncs with any camera system, including the iPhone.

The PiXLIGHT is the latest strobe accessory for iPhone photographers. Several companies like Lume Cube and Profoto have Bluetooth enabled flashes dedicated to smartphone shooters.

Late last year, Apple extended strobe support to the iPhone 11 lineup and one of the first flashes out of the gate went on sale last month, a cube-shaped light from Anker that plugs into the Lightning port.

PiXLIGHT compact and powerful

But the Bluetooth-enabled PiXLIGHT is different because of its professional-grade promise. Speedlights or strobes are staples in the kits of many professional photographers for studio-quality light on location. Even though speedlights are portable, photographers still carry extra equipment, such as lights stands and light modifiers, to get the desired look.

PiXLIGHT folded upA pro-grade speedlight kit that won’t weigh your down.

The PiXLIGHT is an all-in-one edit of what is otherwise the many components of a typical setup. The off-camera speedlight its attached to a flexible gooseneck at the end of a sturdy, collapsable light stand with an attached umbrella that folds with the stand. At 3.5 pounds, it fits in any backpack and its creators claim setup takes five seconds.

The company also has various light modifiers that it sells separately.

PiXLIGHT is for all photographers, whether the camera is a DSLR or the one that fits in the pocket.

PiXLIGHT modifiersPiXLIGHT offers a variety of light modifiers.

PiXLIGHT is on Kickstarter, where a campaign seeking to raise $10,000, is approaching the $150,000 mark with 19 days remaining. For $249, backers can get the PiXLIGHT with a removable umbrella, remote trigger, rechargeable battery and bag. This is 45 percent cheaper than the eventual retail price and the company expects to ship by July.

There are risks to any Kickstarter campaign. Not all projects make it to market. Considering the coverage PiXLIGHT has received on photography news sites and the money it has raised, some 374 photographers see it as a risk worth backing.

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