Puma Smartwatch review: Hands-on

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As you might know Fossil works with a number of fashion brands to create a huge range of smartwatches. They include Diesel and Armani but now the firm has teamed up with Puma for a sporty smartwatch. Here’s our hands-on review from IFA 2019.

Price and release date

The Puma Smartwatch will arrive in November priced at £269. If you’re in the US then it’s $275 and the European cost is 279 Euro.

That’s £10 cheaper than the Fossil Gen 5 which sounds good but you’re getting much better specs with Fossil’s own-brand model. 

It’s also more affordable than the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch but it’s worth bearing in mind that the Fossil Sport, although its from last year, has similar specs and is only £219.

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Design & Build

The Puma Smartwatch has a similar design to the Fossil Sport. It comes in three colours – black, white/rose gold and neon (you can decide whether it’s yellow or green).

Puma Smartwatch review colours

Puma Smartwatch review colours

We like the retro style of the watch, but it’s perhaps a little to plain for some and there isn’t even a Puma logo on the front so people can see the brand. There’s a subtle one on the strap, the end of the crown and the custom watch faces though.

The Puma has s 44mm case which is made from a combination of nylon and aluminium and is extremely light. At 28g it almost feels like a dummy or a kids toy. However, if you want something to feel like its hardly there, especially when running, then this is a great choice.

Puma Smartwatch review Wear OS

Puma Smartwatch review Wear OS

There’s little else to speak of really with a 3ATM rating so it can survive up to 30m of water and a single crown on the side. We’re happy to report this isn’t just a button, but rotates so you can scroll through the interface.

Specs & Features

Considering the Puma Smartwatch is much newer than the Fossil Sport and is more expensive, we were hoping it would have better specs.

Similar to the Gen 5 would make sense and while the Puma is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, it’s limited to 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage. That’s pretty normal for a Wear OS smartwatch but we want more. 

Puma Smartwatch review specs

Puma Smartwatch review specs

As we’ve found with the Gen 5, the memory in particular make a huge difference in how smoothly everything runs. It felt ok during our hands-on time but proper testing is needed here.

It also doesn’t have a speaker like some of the latest Fossil devices so you can take calls or hear the Google Assistant.

You’ll use the Puma via its 1.19in screen which uses AMOLED technology and offers a decent 328ppi pixel density. This is very similar to most smartwatches and things look really nice on the display. We, as usual, are a bit worried about brightness when using it outside.

Puma Smartwatch review heart rate monitor

Puma Smartwatch review heart rate monitor

You get some decent specs elsewhere such as NFC for Google Pay, GPS for accurate tracking and a heart rate monitor. There are also sesors like an accelerometer and altimeter.

Battery life is quoted at 24 hours so you’ll be charging the Puma Smartwatch every night. Heavy users will be able to benefit from rapid charging so the device can get to 80% in 50 minutes – ie in your lunch break.

Early Verdict

We like the Puma Smartwatch from Fossil thanks to its lightweight and compact design. It’s also got the kind of tech that users will want from a sports-focused watch.

The downside is that this has similar specs to the older Fossil Sport but comes at almost the same price as Fossil’s Gen 5 which has double the memory and storage.

So you need to decide if paying for the brand is worth it.


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