Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 for entry-grade phones Goes Official


You don’t have to burn a hole through the wallet for decent smartphone experience. Technology is seeping all the way down to the budget segment. Handsets, as well as chip manufacturers, are stacking all available price slots. Today, the company officially announced a few affordable and mid-tier SoCs in India. The one we are covering here, Snapdragon 460, will empower entry-grade phones.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 400 series is optimized to meet the unique power and size requirements of low-trim devices. It manages power and performance, at the same time taking care of essentials like 4G LTE connectivity and battery life. Let’s see what does the new SD460 brings about.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 460

Source: Qualcomm

Before we jump to the specs, the exciting new thing is NavIC. For those unversed, NavIC is India’s own navigation system for location tracking.

Besides that, Qualcomm has underlined several major highlights of the new processor. Come, let’s have a look.

Snapdragon 460 is formed on 11nm FinFet Process. It bears eight Kryo 240 performance cores and the CPU is reportedly employing big.LITTLE architecture. It boasts a 70% performance gain. This is aided by Adreno 610 GPU which in turn grants a 60% bump in graphics rendering.

The silicon encompasses Snapdragon X11 LTE Modem (with speeds up to 390Mbps download speeds), FastConnect 6100 and WiFi 6 for your connectivity needs.

Among the list of new things, there is a Hexagon 683 DSP offering hardware acceleration TensorFlow Lite. Qualcomm claims Snapdragon 460 fills up half the juice in 20 minutes. It will be interesting to see QC 3.0 fast charging at an affordable tag.

The new Spectra 340 ISP can now support up to 16+16MP dual cameras or 25MP single camera sensor.

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When will we see Snapdragon 460 Phones?

There’s still a long time before we will find devices with the new SoCs. For instance, the SD460 devices are said to arrive by the year-end.

On one hand, we have MediaTek which has a hand in pushing smartphone prices down in India. The company GM, Corporate Sales (International) had this to say back in a late 2017 interview, “The goal is to push down smartphone prices in India. The industry innovates more on the cost front than anything else.”

Now with the latest silicons, Qualcomm, a stalwart in the chip industry, is raising the bar.

“While we see fast adoption of 5G across geographies globally, we do recognize the phenomenal boost that 4G has given towards enabling broadband connectivity for Indian consumers. 4G will continue to remain a focus area for Qualcomm Technologies for regions like India, where it would stay as a key technology for connectivity,” said Rajen Vagadia, vice president and president, Qualcomm India Pvt. Ltd. “Our goal is to enable our partners to continue creating solutions that offer seamless connectivity access and exceptional mobile experiences, that consumers can count on.”

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