Samsung Galaxy Book S Laptop Review: Long battery runtime and under 1 kg


The Samsung Galaxy Book S left a good overall impression during our review. We really like the combination of the extremely lightweight chassis, long battery runtimes, and the integrated LTE modem, which makes a lot of sense if you travel a lot and need a device for trade shows, for example. If you mainly use web applications and Microsoft’s Office suite, you will hardly notice the limitations of the ARM processor. We still recommend to check if there are compatible versions of the apps you plan to use before the purchase.

The passive cooling solution and the great speakers are two other highlights. The input devices are average, but the keyboard illumination is only usable in complete darkness, because it is way too dark and turns on after a little delay. It definitely requires some fine-tuning. The screen is not bad, either, but the competition just uses better panels and Samsung’s own Galaxy Book S with the Intel processor is also much brighter according to the official specs.

The Samsung Galaxy Book S is a great mobile companion with an extremely lightweight chassis, integrated LTE, and very long battery runtimes. You should consider the limitations of the app selection due to the ARM processor before the purchase though.

We are already eager to see how the Galaxy Book S with the Intel hybrid processor will perform. It should offer more performance and compatibility, but have shorter runtimes in return and there is no LTE modem, either.

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