Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review – TWS headset with great battery life

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Setting up the Galaxy Buds+ is very easy for both Android smartphones and iPhones if the Galaxy Wearable app (iOS: Samsung Galaxy Buds+) has been installed beforehand. In this case, as soon as the charging case is opened, a new headset is recognized and connected to the mobile phone without any complications. Some features can be adjusted exclusively in the app, and the headphones can also be configured and provided with updates.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus do not have active noise cancellation, the in-ear headphones passively shield their wearer from ambient noise. If you still need to be able to hear something from your surroundings when you’re on the move, whether it’s to talk to someone, to listen to an announcement or to get a better sense of the traffic, you can configure the app so that the external microphones deliver the ambient noise in varying intensities to the loudspeakers. This works very well in everyday life and can optionally be controlled via the sensor surfaces. However, we noticed a much louder background noise on iOS.

Furthermore, a search of the Galaxy Buds can be initiated in the app, which then beep increasingly louder. This is not possible when using the headphones since the sensors detect when you are wearing them. In such a case, a message appears on the smartphone’s display. 

In addition to the predefined actions that are triggered when the sensor surfaces are touched, it’s also possible to store separate options for each side of the earbuds when the corresponding surface is tapped and long pressed. Either the voice assistant can be launched, the playback volume can be turned up or down, the ambient noise can be faded in or out, or the last played song can be started on Spotify. Unfortunately, the latter is limited to this provider and can’t be replaced by alternative music services.

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