Samsung Good Lock update for Android 10 and One UI 2.0 is now live

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So, you got the shiny new One UI 2.0 and Android 10 update on your Samsung device, but it was a bitter-sweet victory since you have been living without that custom one-handed operation scheme your muscles are used to? We feel your pain. Alternatively, if you are hearing about Good Lock only now, then it’s a great time to look into what is an amazingly in-depth Galaxy customization solution as it has now gained support for Android 10.

Good Lock Good Lock Good Lock Good Lock Good Lock
Good Lock

The major Android 10/One UI 2.0 update required a big re-work of the Good Lock app and all of its modules. In keeping with its original promise, Samsung has now managed to mostly get everything working once again. The LockStar and NavStar modules are the two notable omissions on the list.

Quickly going through some of the updates, the main Good Lock app itself is mostly unchanged, but does finally respond correctly to a system-wide dark mode toggle.

Task Changer now has a vertical style carousel option, while NotiStar has a customizable lockscreen icon that you can swipe for quick access. QuickStar promises to handle color coordination and transparency better and comes with new default themes.

MultiStar can now be quick-launched by holding down the recent apps key, if you use a navbar. Theme Pack has become much more dark-theme friendly and allows you yo mix and match dark and light theme elements.

And last, but not least, One Hand Operation+ is really living up to that plus moniker with added support for multiple gesture handles at once, as well as customization for animations, color and vibration intensity.

Good Lock Good Lock Good Lock Good Lock
Good Lock

If you do decide to dig into Good Lock, it is worth noting that not all modules might be instantly available on every market. And if you already had some modules up and running on your phone before the Android 10 update, Samsung recommends you delete those and install them again to ensure smooth operation. Just be sure to make a note of your particular settings so you don’t loose any hard customization work.

APK links for sideloading purposes are available at the link below. There is also this nifty auto install app, courtesy of an XDA member.


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