Schenker VIA 14 laptop review: Lightweight materials combined with a big battery


Lightweight, fast and enduring: Is there something the Schenker VIA 14 can not do? Indeed, Schenker and Clevo have delivered a fine laptop.

Especially the extremely lightweight chassis in combination with the big battery are compelling arguments for the Schenker laptop. Also, real weaknesses are not many: The matte FHD screen is pretty good, the keyboard is comfortable enough for heavy users. The port-selection is comparably wide, Wi-Fi is fast and the Schenker notebook is upgradable as well. The VIA 14 stays cool at all times, even under load, and it delivers a commendable CPU performance, too.

Just to be clear: The Schenker VIA 14 is not a perfect device. For example, sometimes the fan starts running when the device is idling and can get loud under load. The screen is not as bright as the panels used by the competition and has pretty high response times. Furthermore, the Schenker VIA 14 has DPC  latency problems and the speakers are really bad. Also, there is no Thunderbolt and in general less business features (like a smartcard reader or WWAN) compared with the competition. Similarly, there are not as many warranty options as there are with the Dell, HP and Lenovo competitors. For example, an on-site service is not available.

The basics are all on-point – which is why the Schenker VIA 14 gets a recommendation from us.

With those deficiencies in mind, the Schenker laptop might have a hard time competing with the ThinkPads, Latitudes and EliteBooks in the enterprise sector. On the other hand, when it comes to consumers interested in an office laptop, we can see them buying the Schenker VIA 14. It possesses many qualities that we want to see in a good work laptop and is an easy recommendation.

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