Smartphone makers are trying to kill the notch before Apple does – Business Insider

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Smartphone “notches” gained momentum in 2017, and in 2018, they finally went mainstream.

In 2019, though, intrepid smartphone makers are out to kill the notch before Apple inevitably does.

The smartphone “notch,” of course, is a little cut-out that allows for a selfie camera to exist within an edge-to-edge phone display. Phone makers have found workarounds for physical buttons through the use of gestures, but people still really need the selfie camera, as much as they want an all-screen phone.

The solution — in the eyes of many smartphone makers, including Apple and Samsung — is to create a phone with an edge-to-edge display, but to remove part of the display to make room for a selfie camera.

But not every smartphone maker is on board with the “notch” or cut-out solution. Instead, many of these companies are creating new and clever ways for all-screen phones to co-exist with selfie cameras.

Take a look.

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