Soulver notepad calculator app for Mac adds Dark Mode, date & time math, more

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Soulver for Mac is a powerful hybrid between a calculator app and a text editor, allowing you to make quick calculations using a notepad-like interface. Now, version 3 of Soulver has been released with new features like a redesigned interface, date and time math, Dark Mode, and more.

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Here’s how the developers behind Soulver describe the app:

Soulver is a smart notepad with a built-in calculator. It gives instant answers to any calculations it finds in your text. It’s a better way to work stuff out than with a traditional calculator, and a more lightweight tool for quick calculations than a spreadsheet.

Soulver 3 features a new interface that’s far more lightweight than the previous iterations, and supports Dark Mode. There’s also support for date and time calculations, allowing you to make calculations based on days, weeks, and months. Other new features include a built-in sheets manager, subtotals, new functions, units, and currencies, and more. In total, Soulver 3 includes 50 new features. The full changelog is below.

At this point, if you run Soulver on your iPhone and Mac, they do not sync because of the different file formats and math engines used by each version. Soulver 3 is not available as an upgrade to Soulver 2, nor is it available from the Mac App Store. It’s available from the Soulver website for $19.95 with a free 30-day trial.

  • Redesigned user interface supports dark mode and includes a sidebar for managing sheets within the app.

  • Support for calendar calculations.

  • Proportion/’rule of three’ functions (10 is to 20 as 50 is to what/15 is to 30 as what is to 80)

  • Functions with multiple parameters: ‘midpoint between’, ‘greater/lesser of’, ‘remainder of’

  • Unix time calculations

  • More intuitive syntax for some percentage operators (’50 is 25% of what’)

  • More large SI prefixes & support for small SI prefixes in answer formatting

  • ‘Half of’ function

  • Create folders for managing sheets.

  • Trash for recovering recently deleted files.

  • Drag sheets out of the sidebar to export a .slvr file

  • Spotlight search integration

  • Sort sheets by date edited, date created or title

  • Import Soulver 2 or Soulver 3 files by dropping them on the dock icon.

  • Designate a line a subtotal, which will add up all lines above it (up to the next subtotal or heading)

  • Variables can now include multiple words

  • Auto-complete support for variables (hit the escape key)

  • Shift-hover over a variable to see its actual value on that line

  • Variables can now be redeclared with new values.

  • Scrubbable numbers (shift hover over a number to show the scrubber)

  • Auto-thousands separator insertion (1000 becomes 1,000)

  • QuickOperators (1p1 becomes 1 + 1, etc)

  • Keystrokes to insert labels & variable declarations

  • Touch Bar support with quick access to operators, sheet defined variables, and line references.

  • A preferences to start sheets with a heading or a comment

Units & Currencies
  • User definable custom units

  • More scientific units

  • Better answer formatting of time & imperial lengths

  • Support for 16 popular cryptocurrencies

  • Better handling of unit calculations in many cases than in Soulver 2.

  • All real-world currencies now enabled by default (no need to add them manually)

Lines & References
  • Rearrange & delete lines & via the answer column

  • Bump lines up/down using keystrokes

  • Reference insertion mode (hit ⌘L, then type the number of the line you want to insert a reference to)

  • Command-line interface

  • URL schemes

  • Automator Action for evaluating text using Soulver

  • Calculate anywhere services

  • Alfred integration

  • Automatically convert documents created in foreign locales into your preferred locale

  • Soulver now uses a JSON based file format (.slvr) rather than XML based (.soulver)

  • Import Soulver 2 files, and have them migrated to the latest syntax

  • Use # for headings

  • Implicit unit detection in some case (i.e 2 ducks + 2 ducks = 4 ducks)

  • References can optionally refer to a line’s rounded value

  • Redesigned styling preference pane with a live preview

  • Heading styling (custom font size, and # colour)

  • A redesigned reference that mimics the Soulver UI

  • A new app icon by Marc Edwards

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