Star Trek: Fleet Command mobile game maker Scopely raises $200 million

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Scopely, the maker of the popular mobile game Star Trek: Fleet Command and the acquirer of FoxNext Games, has raised $200 million in additional funding.

The new funding the company’s Series D (fourth round) brings the total raised to $400 million. That amount speaks to the opportunities in the $100 billion mobile game business. The deal recently received approval from the Federal Trade Commission.

“When we first announced our Series D funding late last year, a number of discussions with strategic partners who share our vision for the future of interactive entertainment were ongoing. Today, we are confirming that we have added $200 million in Series D funding from Advance and TCG, bringing total funding for the round to $400 million,” said Walter Driver, co-CEO of Scopely, in a statement.

Scopely said that in a time where staying connected to families and communities is more meaningful than ever, the company is committed to bringing people together around the world. And it will do that through mobile games, such as Scrabble Go and Marvel: Strike Force. The latter is the big hit of FoxNext Games, which Scopely acquired recently.

Scopely said it runs a profitable business and plans to use the additional capital to further support the company’s acquisition and investment strategy of expanding its portfolio of games across new genres and IP.

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Over time, Scopely’s games have generated more than $1 billion in revenues. The company has more than 800 employees and is based in Culver City, California.

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