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Taiwan, one of the countries that got it right according to a recent article by Stanford Health Policy, used AI, big data and analytics to track and manage the disease in combination with proactive testing.

“Taiwan’s government learned from its 2003 SARS experience and established a public health response mechanism for enabling rapid actions for the next crisis.”

The US is now following a similar path, with tech leaders and government turning to AI for solutions, with initiatives including the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19).

Smaller companies like GBT Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: GTCH) an emerging technology company focusing on artificial intelligence innovations and chip design was directing research and development resources into healthcare and medicine prior to the pandemic, using the company’s Avant! AI licensed technology ( and introducing as “derivative” a new tool – as beta version.

In a previous interview with Investor Ideas, CTO Danny Rittman explained how Avant!, powered by cooperation with Costa Rica developers works: “Our goal is to implement a fundamental part of human intelligence called relational reasoning, which is planned to enable Avant! to acquire expertise on its own by understanding object’s relations. Avant! will include an advanced artificial neural network (ANN) capable of pattern recognition and reasoning about those patterns which is very similar to the human brain. Rather than operating on pre-set rules, the system will learn image’s patterns by tweaking the relations between objects, analyzing connections, and building hypotheses about how they relate to each other. This capability will be used for Avant! imaging system for upcoming implementation in the medical field. We are creating an interactive and intuitive intelligent system that performs complex computation over discrete entities and the relations between them. Our goal is to provide Avant! a broad range of advantages and capabilities when it comes to intelligent imaging, especially in the medical domain.”

Building on its healthcare applications, a new development from the team at Costa Rica is the launch of Hippocrates – its new AI-based medical advisor ( Hippocrates health system is an AI-based medical advisor. Users may provide symptoms, ask medical questions and describe conditions in order to get diagnosis advice including known medications and treatments. This means a reliable, simple and fast medical assistance experiences for people around the world. It provides the essential capabilities necessary to advise patients about medical symptoms and conditions based on data and analytics taken from The National Center for Biotechnology, CDC and other accredited resources. The system is now in testing phase and has been trained to support basic health information. The team will evaluate the system for the next few months, targeting it to ultimately becoming an expert in a specific area, for example, respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. The service is available for adults (18+) under a disclaimer and is not intended to replace a human physician.

“Now, the White House joins these institutions in issuing a call to action to the Nation’s artificial intelligence experts to develop new text and data mining techniques that can help the science community answer high-priority scientific questions related to COVID-19.”

“The collection was constructed via a unique collaboration between Microsoft, NLM, CZI, and the Allen Institute for AI, coordinated by Georgetown University. Microsoft’s web-scale literature curation tools were used to identify and bring together worldwide scientific efforts and results, CZI provided access to pre-publication content, NLM provided access to literature content, and the Allen AI team transformed the content into machine-readable form, making the corpus ready.”

As the global race continues to track, manage and find solutions for the coronavirus, AI can move rapidly, analyze data, map and provide medical information and updates to the world as vaccines are being developed. AI is currently on a path to replace dogs as man’s best friend; at least for the short term.

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