The best music-mangling, Aperture-escaping and dock-customizing apps this week

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This week we dock apps with SwitchGlass, convert photos from Aperture to Lightroom with Avalanche, rip music to shreds with Scatterbrain, and more.


SwitchGlass -- almost exactly the same as the Dock.SwitchGlass — almost exactly the same as the Dock.
Photo: John Siracusa

SwitchGlass, from John Siracusa, adds a new application switcher to your Mac. It’s like the Mac dock, only more customizable, and with a few extra features related to Siracusa’s other app, Front and Center. It’s macOS Catalina-only, if you’re asking.

Price: $4.99 with in-app purchases

Download: SwitchGlass from the App Store (iOS)


StatusBuddy-MacDownload it free today.
Photo: Guilherme Rambo

New app StatusBuddy comes from Apple hacker and journalist Guilherme Rambo. It sits up in your Mac’s menu bar, listing the status of Apple’s cloud services. If you ever wondered if iCloud Photos was having trouble, or if it’s just you, StatusBuddy is the app for you.

Price: Free

Download: StatusBuddy from Gumroad

Avalanche for Lightroom

Avalanche is a universal translator for photo apps.Avalanche is a universal translator for photo apps.
Photo: CYME

Avalanche is pretty incredible. It takes your obsolete Aperture library, and uses AI to reverse-engineer all your edits. It then attempts to mirror the results in Lightroom, using Lightroom’s own editing controls. In addition, Avalanche copies all your metadata, your folder structure, and even your stacks, across to the new app.

Price: $59 with free trial available

Download: Avalanche (macOS)


Scatterbrain looks like one wild music app.Scatterbrain looks like one wild music app.
Image: Bram Bos

Scatterbrain, from serial iOS music app overachiever Bram Bos, looks wild. The app takes incoming audio, splits it up rhythmically into sections, and then lets you route those separate streams wherever you like. In short, it chops up tracks, in real time, and lets you route them into other FX apps.

Check it out:

This looks seriously good, as a kind of meta effect itself, and as a source of musical inspiration.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Download: Scatterbrain from the App Store (iOS)

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