ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2020 Review: Familiar business laptop with a new power adapter

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After the ThinkPad X1 Carbon got a major update last year, customers only get a minor update this time. Some regions already got the Comet Lake processor in the 2019 G7 generation; the 8th generation of the X1 Carbon now uses new processors in every region. However, the differences in terms of processor als well as graphics performance are basically non-existent and do not justify an upgrade. The only real advantage is the new Wi-Fi 6 module.

Even though there are no major upgrades, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon is still a very good business laptop with an extremely light and sturdy chassis. However, there are still the same issues like the panel lottery for the LowPower 1080p screens. The keyboard is also a bit worse since the chassis update last year. This is moaning on a high level, but the flagship ThinkPad does not offer the best keyboard anymore; thicker machines (like the T-series) have an advantage in this respect.

Lenovo does not use AMD processors for the X1-series, so the switch to the 8th generation is just a minor update. It is still a very good business laptop, but Lenovo’s new ThinkPad T14s (including AMD SoCs) could be the biggest competitor. 

So is it worth upgrading? The only real advantages compared to the 2019 model are the Wi-Fi 6 module as well as the slightly smaller power adapter, but this hardly justifies an upgrade. We are also eager to get our hands on the new ThinkPad T14s. It gets a new chassis and should be even closer to the X1 Carbon, but Lenovo will also sell models with AMD CPUs in addition to Intel SKUs. If we look at the first results of the inexpensive ThinkPad E15 with the AMD 4000 CPU, the AMD T14s should offer much more performance than the X1 Carbon.

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