This is HP's Answer To The Apple MacBook Pro: 2020 Envy 15 Creator Core i7 Review

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HP has essentially reinvented its Envy 15 series. This latest model is completely different from the last generation version with almost all changes being for the better. Aside from the more professional look, easier serviceability, and new Core H-series options, the optional GeForce RTX 2060 Max-Q GPU is much faster than what the MacBook Pro 15 or MacBook Pro 16 can offer at the moment while costing less in the process which is exactly what HP wanted.

However, the gaming-level hardware means the Envy 15 also inherits many of the same drawbacks as a thin gaming laptop. Don’t be fooled by its sleek Ultrabook-like look because this laptop will not run as long as your typical Intel UHD or GeForce MX-powered Ultrabook nor will it be as quiet or as lightweight. It’s almost a gaming laptop in disguise even though it’s marketed to content creators in much the same way as the Gigabyte Aero series. The 200 W AC adapter, for example, is significantly larger and thus more cumbersome to carry than for any Ultrabook. If users understand these inherent disadvantages, then they’ll be happy with the new Envy 15 and its high level of performance considering the price and form factor. Otherwise, you’d be better off with a Spectre instead if your workloads consist mostly of web surfing and word processing.

There are a handful of adjustments we would like to see to make the Envy 15 better. USB-C charging support would be extremely useful for travelers as the large 200 W AC adapter can then stay home when it’s not needed. Both the clickpad and hinges could be firmer to better reflect the high price of the new model. A less obtrusive positioning for the fingerprint reader would satisfy users who rely on the Fn key. 

Want a MacBook Pro but wish it had faster graphics, OLED, and more port options? Then the 2020 Envy 15 is worth looking into. No longer powered by ULV processors, the new Envy houses powerful gaming-like hardware options wrapped in an Ultrabook-like chassis to be a great middle-ground solution.

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