This is what a future Samsung Galaxy Note may look like


Foldable phones are becoming more famous, even though they aren’t really that strong or durable. Now we find out that Samsung has a new patent for a foldable design that may show up in a future version of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The guys over at Patently Mobile have found patents that were granted to Samsung for a future foldable device. This new device may be the future of the Samsung Galaxy Note. This patent was granted in June 2019, and it shows a new device that looks a bit like the Galaxy Z Flip, but with an S-Pen or Touch Pen. It also shows a Pen fixing unit that would keep the S Pen units in place. It also mentions an elastic unit designed to apply an elastic force to the first and second bodies of the smartphone. We don’t know if the next Samsung Galaxy Note will arrive with this design or not. Let’s remember that this is still a patent, and some patents just ever make it to a real production unit. You can find the complete patent by following this link.

Source Patently Mobile

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