This just in: Baby shark swallows AirPods charging case

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baby shark airpods case This shark has a soft bite.
Photo: elago

Some cheeky designer wondered what our AirPods might look like in the mouth of a baby shark or stuffed in a pineapple.

How about adorable? The company has made two cutesy case covers and they are now on sale in the Cult of Mac store.

Both shark and pineapple are made with durable silicone material that should protect your case from drops and body bumps in crowded spaces.

pineapple airpods case coverAirPods for a pineapple filling.
Photo: elago baby shark covers for AirPodsShark cases come in three colors.
Photo: elago

There have been some crazy iPhone cases over the years, but because it needs to fit comfortably in hand and pocket, designers dare not cross those two lines with 3D flourishes.

This is why the charging case for Apple’s AirPods is a refreshing new canvas.

Accessory companies have been coming up with all sorts of crazy covers for both AirPods and AirPods Pro cases. Even luxury handbag designers have found the AirPods case to be one more place to stick their iconic brand logos. The list of stories below this post shows a few examples.

The pineapple and baby shark cases from elago can be found in the Cult of Mac store for $16.

Elago has been around since 2002 and is well-known for its Apple accessories, from iPhone cases and iPad stands to MacBook covers and USB hubs. The company has hooks that attach to your AirPods so you are less likely to lose them.

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