UGREEN USB C 9-in-1 Multiport Docking Station hands-on review

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This USB type C hub has proven itself a more or less effective accessory, probably best suited for ultrabook owners who (normally) travel with these machines. Its compact fold-away design means it could find a space in most bags or maybe some larger pockets, whereas many other options in its category do not manage their in-built cables quite so well.

On that note, I also noticed during the review that the cable could have been more flexible, being resistant to side-to-side movement relative to the PC it connects to (even though it can move up and down very well so as to fold into its silo). This means it always extends at right angles relative to its connected PC, which may necessitate some contortion (or stacking) to fit other I/O or charging cables around it.

Nevertheless, it also (mostly) meets the demand on which its market is built, namely affording the freedom of more ports. Of its multi-port features, the ability to read microSD and SD cards simultaneously is a particularly valuable use-case of this 9-in-1 accessory in my opinion. The spare USB ports may also be gratifying for many users, as may the access to Ethernet connectivity and HDMI-out.

Therefore, the product may also come in handy for presentations or content-sharing. I also see the point of the USB-PD type C port; however, given the speeds of the supposedly 3.0 type-A ports, it is a shame it does not also work for data.

On that note, it is a slight disappointment that the VGA seemed not to work out: It may have been more of a novelty in this day and age in all honesty, but it’s best to be sure every aspect of a potential purchase is worth the money. Therefore, I can only recommend this UGREEN USB C Hub 9-in-1 Multiport Docking Station – currently priced at US$49.99 on Amazon – if this somehow doesn’t matter to you.

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