Useful Gadget of the Week: Plug In PIR Motion Sensor Hallway LED Night Light

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In our current temporary accommodation I was looking for something to light up a hall way based on motion.

Now, as home automation enthusiasts we probably all start to think of Z-Wave or Hue Zigbee motion sensors and hooking them up to smart bulb or a table lamp attached to a plugin module. But wait.

One of our favourite little automations in our last home was this PIR bulb, simple, but brilliantly effective and reliable.

Price: £11.99
Was: £19.99

So I looked around for an inexpensive all-in-one solution for our hallway and found this Auraglow plug in PIR motion sensor LED night light with fixed 30 second timer for a little over a tenner.

We’ve had it running for a few weeks now and its perfect for the job. Sometimes the smart move is to go with something really dumb.

Available from Amazon : More Useful Gadgets of the Week

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