What Companies Must Know Before Diving Into Artificial Intelligence – Fortune

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Here come the autonomous delivery vans. Chinese startup Neolix told Bloomberg News that it plans to deliver a thousand self-driving vans to customers like JD.com and Huawei. The autonomous vehicles, which cost $30,000, are intended to be used for deliveries and reducing the need for human drivers.

Who’s really funding Chinese A.I. startups? Buzzfeed News has linked U.S.-based organizations like the Alaska Retirement Management Board, Rockefeller Foundation, and Princeton University to private equity and venture capital firms funding some of China’s high-profile facial recognition startups SenseTime and Megvii. The ties between the U.S. firms and Chinese startups comes amid a trade war between the two countries as well as China’s controversial use of facial recognition technology to detain ethnic minorities, the report noted.

A.I. needs global counseling. The World Economic Forum has created The Global Artificial Intelligence Council, which is intended to develop artificial intelligence policy guidelines for countries and corporations. Microsoft president Brad Smith and Sinovation Ventures CEO Kai-Fu Lee are the A.I. council’s co-chairs.

Russia’s big A.I. push. Foreign investors plowed $2 billion into the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund created in 2011, to help grow Russian companies specializing in A.I., according to The Moscow Times, which cited a report by the Vedomosti business daily. Spokespeople from the sovereign wealth firm told Vedomosti that the foreign investors included “partners from large sovereign funds and global corporations from the Middle East and Asia.”

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