What games are available at launch for Google Stadia?

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Best answer: Google Stadia is coming with 31 games at launch and will be the home of Baldurs Gate 3, as well a new Tom Clancy game, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. Each game will be available to purchase separately, but if you choose to subscribe to Stadia Pro or pick up the Founder’s Edition, you will get Destiny 2: Shadowkeep for free.

All the Games!

So far we don’t have a definitive list of games that’ll be available at launch, since Google has deals with other content producers and developers that are still in the works, but as of right now we have these games coming to Stadia at launch:

There are also a few publishers that haven’t announced which games they’ll make available on Stadia. Publishers like Capcom, EA, and Rockstar have all committed to content on Stadia, but haven’t released any details beyond that.

Are any of these releases exclusives?

As far as we can tell no, at least Google didn’t mention them being exclusive. We did get to see a Baldur’s Gate teaser during the presentation with some crazy Ilithid action, as well a scary-looking game called Gylt. These are new releases set to launch with Stadia, and were highlighted during the presentation above some of the other titles, but we don’t know anything about them being exclusive to the platform.

More to come

This is the very beginning of a new service from Google. Is this the greatest lineup? The jury is still out on that, but it’s a start. Some great new games are included in this lineup, like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, which both look fantastic.

I’m excited by what Stadia represents in terms of the future of gaming. It’s a new way for people to play, so that should at least be interesting to watch.

Either way, we’ll be sure to keep you updated with any new games that’ll be announced, as well as news on exclusives.

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