Where do you stand on the AI curve? (Find out with this survey)

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Artificial intelligence has broken out of the black box and is now the not-so-secret recipe for real-world business results. Industry disrupters like Lyft, Uber, Airbnb, and LinkedIn are demonstrating the power of going all-in on machine learning solutions and AI tools. At the same time, both smaller and more traditional companies are seeing AI as a must-have capability.  We want to take the temperature out there and learn exactly where companies, of all sizes, are at in their AI explorations, and the challenges and successes they’re experiencing.

That’s why VB has launched a new AI survey for execs who may already be integrating AI into their workflows and product development, as well as those who are interested in learning how to get started, where to focus their resources, and what kind of results they can expect. It takes just a few minutes, and in return, you’ll have exclusive access to the full results, which won’t be released publicly.

While you’re at it, join the conversation, and register for Transform 2019: Accelerating Your Business with AI. It’s two days of unbeatable networking, case studies featuring real ROI from industry giants to ingenious startup, and how-to AI product workshops in deep learning, edge computing and more. And you’ll meet AI leaders from companies like Facebook, AirBnb, Uber, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, and many more.

AI is the biggest competitive advantage the market has experienced in decades, and Forrester has found that companies are starting to sit up and take notice — 88 percent of marketers have adopted or are planning to adopt AI. It’s not too late to launch your own strategy — or level it up.

To learn more about where your company stands now, and how the market is evolving in the AI-first era, take the VB AI Survey now, and look for the exclusive full results once the survey period closes.

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