Which products and services work with Google Home?

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The Google Home has been around since 2016, and it’s grown to support hundreds of products and services connected to it, from music streaming to smart lighting and everything in between.

Smart Lights

Connected smart bulbs are the easiest and most fun way to start building out your smart home network. There are multiple brands like Philips Hue and Sengled that offer complete collections of smart lighting solutions that are connected by a hub and work well with Google Assistant. We’ve rounded up the best bundles and options for starting out, but you’ll want to dig a bit deeper and see what other lighting options are available that might work in your home. Brands like Philips Hue offer really great customization options for grouping bulbs and light strips, while we’ve also highlighted some great standalone products worth considering.

Home automation

Home automation is a very broad category that includes things like Wi-Fi connected plugs, thermostats, security sensors, and much more. We’ve highlighted a couple bigger systems like Vivint and Hive that are sizable investments but are worth it if you appreciate the features included. All of these products work with Google Assistant for voice controls.

Google Assistant supports over 1,500 home automation products and there are always new products being released or upgraded to be compatible. We’ve featured our favorite smart home automation products, but you’ll want to do your own research to find the right products for your family and home

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Whether you call it the living room, rec room, or “the den”, we’re now talking about the place where your main TV is set up in your home. Google Assistant can also control much of your entertainment needs, whether you want to start a dance party or use your voice to play your favorite show on Netflix. We’ve rounded up the best smart home products specifically for entertaining you and your family.

If you’r looking for more options to upgrade your home theatre setup and would like streamline things with less dongles, there’s a growling selection of Smart TVs with Chromecast built right, with 4K sets available from the following brands:

Google has sadly discontinued the Chromecast Audio, which was a really awesome way to convert your existing speaker systems into smart speakers controllable by Google Assistant. For the all-in-one smart speaker with Chromecast and/or Google Assistant built right in, there’s an abundance of options available for discerning consumers. Currently, there are over 20 brands working on all sorts of awesome Chromecast-enabled speakers, soundbars, subwoofers, and home theatre receivers:

Services that work with Google Home

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